a Silver Coins Story

my dad likes to collect coins. he collected most of Malaysia's coins, from old to new. how cool! until recently, he scrutinized the storeroom and found a pile of junks he bought 20 years ago from a random Indonesian. it was remain wrapped in 1990's newspaper. here's some of his favorite, 1971 MYR 1.00
Tunku Abdul Rahman's written record
i believe most of us used to have this, the bi-rings MYR 0.50. i heart this a lot.
and here's partial of the silver coins we unwrapped recently but most are rather counterfeit silver coins, hardly can tell which one is authentic.

Qing's Dynasty
USA, two different kind of design? intriguing.

Yun Nan, China
One Dollar dragon?

and here's my share of contribution, 100% authentic but useless.
1997's Capcom coin!!!

well, coins collecting is not easy, especially in identifying the genuine piece.
here's a decent Silver Coins Website for you.

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