Inspired +1

yes! my inspiration had +1 experience! not just because i attended the Inspire+ Seminar. it's because of Louis Pang! unselfishly sharing his insights! he's passionate, creative, tireless! it's the second times i met him since February with Joe McNally. i'd mentioned Louis, the 7 times WPPI winner in February! make it 8 times WPPI winner for now!

the Seminar kicks in after lunch at Prince Hotel.
Louis had been talking talking and talking. almost non-stop! he wanted to share so many of things! it was unstoppable! he's absolutely passionate about photography!
a 6 hours Seminar flew by like the speed of Ip Man's punches. it was like what? 10.3 punches a second? beside sharing his skills, posing, lights. Louis also invited the Founder of Wedding Guide AsiaStephanie Chai as special guest, demonstrating how we deal with difficult and beautiful clients =)
Louis sharing some travel tips for LA +)
and i made my promise! i'll make it to the WPPI 2011!!!
i'm a lucky son of the Gun! the fraction of second Louis announced the lucky draw winner for WPPI 2011 invitation, i was screaming my name out loud in my heart! fraction of second then, Louis pronounced my name! i was thrilled! Shivering with cold hands, trying to conceal it in front of Louis with a big grin. Law of Attraction? it's a Secret.

WPPI 2011!!! here i come!!! a big big thank you to Louis Pang! thanks!
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