I'm Just Flying a Kite. Really!

That fine day, I was pouring my day with books by the beach, and Cherry goes suggesting go fly a kite?

The beach was flocked with endless of people! Really! Endless...and you can see how many failed mission with countless kites got stuck on the tree. I mean, HAHA!
Wind was awesome, flying a kite was super easy; while exploring the beach for world weirdest creatures- the Nick Baker special. Cherry told me this is a Starfish, how true is that? let's consult our own Marine Biologist, Mr. Starfish.......
Beside human flocking, fold of sea creatures join the fun too!

Growing up in a beach town is super cool! Couple minute of drive, you can smell the sea breeze, kick the sands, also pee in the vast ocean and it's FREE!!! Needless to say, it always had been such a bless having a bunch of wonderful friends, especially the members of TCXG.

Also, an awe-inspiring place to start photography +D
if you're wondering why there's some weird blur substance at the ridge line, those are sea water, my camera gotten to low and it hits the South China Sea, salty, and thanks to the superiority magnesium alloy built Nikon body, it survives the dunk.

What'ya waiting for? Hop on! Have fun at the beach!

HeeJWhee, photographingComment