It's MIFA 2010!!!

Good style; Bad style. Fashion is a big part of everybody's life ever since the creation of clothing, styles interpret through Photography and Videography. and with Marketing, it will make sure the trend goes wild!

Fashion Designers contented to be amongst the best! It is indeed a cruel industry. Friends or Foes? Safeguarding or Betrayal? That's what fashion designers have to deal with everyday, perhaps sometimes during the sleep too?! Madness. the Strong Belief and Mentality pushes them defying the gravity! Salute!

MIFA had created a Platform on "Who's Next- Designer Search Contest", in conjunction with MIF-W. Am i Glad to get some connection into MIF-W on the second day, and i was on the media podium! for once! =)

it kicks start with "Islamic Fashion Festival" in the morning, and the main show follows in the afternoon, the Designer Search Judging Contest!

Despite a Clear deviation of Good Design and Bad Design, the result still on the hand Judges. I pray for Ultimate Fair and Square.

if you wish to view the full album Click HERE