Sunday Morning Macro is so Good!

Better than church. shhh....

Kinda stuck in 1:1 Macro for such a long while, was thinking about upgrading...lights, ET, lens... whatever! At least something! ish! I'm still well overwhelmed from my previous HIF, dang! i couldn't get any Insect in Flight last sunday! it's so hard!!! I tried Butterfly, Weevil, Wasp, Bee! Phailed!

but luckily! i found my first Soldier Termite! These fellow are usually blind, feeds on dead plant material, yes! it cause seriously damage to your wonderful house too! I found it on the dead wood, when i was trying to pick it up with leaf, notice that? it bite so hard!

Perhaps another Orb Weaver! =)

may be i'd been focusing too much on 1:1 Macro, kinda neglected how human eyes see these little buggers from far. this is a male Giraffe Weevil, stays on its host plant, and this is how fascinating it looks from far! Very cool stuff wasn't it?

Fruit Fly! an albino one!

an Orange caterpillar! very strange looking fellow.

A Leaffooted bug. Not left footed, leaf footed. Alright! i was confuse for a second. I thought it was named left footed, it ponders me awhile why they call it left footed... haha.

very interesting GrassHopper...

Pentatomoidea, commonly referred as Shield bug, chust bug, or stink bug. They have a glands in their thorax between first and second pair of legs which produce a foul smelling liquid, to curse on potential predators!!!

Cohn's Bronzeback Snake, one of the most widely distributed arboreal snake across SEA. Does it bites? Hell no. I was accidentally spooked it when i move closer...i think it's not my fault. it ran off after being brutally assaulted by Kurt's MPE.

Despite the bad focus! Stalk Eyed Fly is definitely my found of the day! It's so intriguing!

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