World Vision

Been talking about Bucket List with a friend last night. Paranoid am i? Bucket list this young? Gosh! i'd been working on my bucket list for some time now, on last Saturday, i had finally made the first slash on my list!!! Today! marked my second slash!!! Wait a minute. What do i do if i finish slashing my bucket list before 30? Probably i'll just make another one. or kill myself.

My first exposure to World Vision totally because of LeeHom. Celebrity endorsement! you bet! He's not merely an ambassador, he's actively involved! I was absolutely amazed by the vision, of what they do and what they wanted to do! With a little cost, it can actually make a difference to others' life! i'd been working for a year now, and it's time for me to give back to the community. Asshole! Should have done this earlier! Way back in Uni life! I'm guilty. Really. I have some spare money to spend every month during Uni, but it ended up buying junks!

I'm blessed with such a wonderful life, supportive family. They'd done such wonderful job loving me, and gave me what i wanted. They sheltered me when it rained on my parade; i hope i can sheltered these kids like my parent did.

"When it rains on your parade, don't worry, the sun comes out tomorrow."


ps: i hope you don't get me wrong, i'm sincerely trying to spread the vision of love, not to tell you how generous i am because i'm not. if you need more information, feel free to text me or email me. []