my Macro vision.

Macro-photography is a high-beam of my vision, discovering and exploring, it moves me. Tremendously!
How is the eyes drawn to? How can that be used to move intentionally direct the eyes through the frame? Photographing macro is one of those joys and terrors of what i love.

Insects are not props we photographed, neither theme park mascots for our purposes, they're living being sharing the world with us. They were created by God Almighty! The increase of massive human pollution and destruction had put their lives at risk. It is pathetic.

The gesture. the power of macro-photography and the great deal of humility.

*Originally quoted from "Within the Chronicles' Frame"* 



P/S: to a friend who is struggling at ICU now, May God bless him with great spirit to encounter the mediocre mind, and get well soon.