Brimmin' with My Compact Camera

i'll never get use to it, for not being able to see through viewfinder, not to mention, there's no viewfinder in my compact!!! Not being able to maneuver the setting is bad, most of my shots were blur and underdeveloped. I can't remember how many times i pick up my camera trying to look thru viewfinder, damn, people must think i'm nut-cracked. Heck! Hell a lot more months for me to full frame, and Leica M8. So, let's enjoy my break, perceive with eyes, delineate my directions. I was thinking about full attention in BnW Street, Travel and Macro photography. At least! Some goals!

Street photography is ambulatory and peripatetic, it's neither creation nor memory, but documents. It's not something abstract but concrete.


people still choked with camera, even when i was on Compact, if i wasn't on the opposite direction, i guess she will give me a taste of her fist of fury. 

it arouses a sense of tense taking other people's children, it's rude and offensive. But you'll be fine as long as you never get caught! If you get caught! Make sure you apologize, then have your running shoe on!

"i will follow you, the near you i always must be, and nothing can keep us apart. BUT don't you walk so fast!"

I'll be walking a shadow.

Like soldiers, we march on. March on on these summer days.

It's human to stand with crowd; it's divine to stand alone. I don't normally dig into other crafts but these DKNY stuff is damn good!

"It is an art of walking, wondering and loitering. It's about feeling the raw culture, a process of learning about a place. " -jw-

for me, that's Street photography.