For Hee, the CNY2011

CNY 2011 ended earlier than expected, literally. It wasn't over yet but leaving my home and friends, that cued the end of my CNY. Cny my foe, i sprained my ankle and wrist, double kill. Second day of cny stamped my pain, i lost a friend, a real special friend. Secret, magical, without precedent in my world.

i miss my grandma, i miss my family, i miss my friends. i miss the sea breeze and sands of my home.


cny with books and coffee

my adorable cousin!!! so big the eyes!!! and so fair the skin!!! crud!
 my grandma keeps asking who the hell am i, i really should come home more often! Damn!
my dad told me this is a pass on treasure from my grandpa, handmade by my grandpa himself! My uncles told me it was used to dust off their pillows back then. I said, bullcrap! My grandpa must have used this to whack you all! Guess who got whack that day? *ouch*

 As usual, our Malay cousin came for visit! With surprise! It my grandma's great grand son!!!

Here's a little detour of our "grand foyer".

So many gathering this year! i think it was much more often than last 2 years! Gee! Most probably because i was sick for the past 2 years! F*ck! No more sickness please. It was really horrible my cny foe.

No "RISK" this year, it's pretty saddening.

My own encounter of the Hot Shoe Diaries!!! Hell yeah!

Gone back too soon. Shite.


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