Leather Tramp Across the Town

to be able to walk about, travel on leather tramp is a joy to behold. Shooting on film, had allowed more time for me to perceive with my eyes, to smile and snap. Of course, "invisible camera concept" doesn't really apply in Malaysia, we are still slightly more sensitive with camera, it doesn't matter big or small, it stimulates a sense of mental distress. I was as if a stalker of the street, mostly not welcome but sometimes it blended with little surprises.

"This is neither creation nor memory, but documents."

++ Shot with ++
Leica M C2-Zoom
on FujiColor Superia x-tra ISO400/ 27°c Process CN-16 | C-41
++ Expired: Jan 2005 ++

At a flea market i always head for junk old stuffs first.
too bad, pirated items are usually overwhelmed old stuffs.

the only disability in life is bad attitude. -Scott Hamilton-

Inner peace.

Hidden connection is strapping an obvious one.

the important thing is to have principles when you're wretched.

i stopped. for the irony, that we always waste our foods and forgot that there are others in need. 

the great muser. 

Life isn't just about work.
Are you ready to slow down to speed up?

the conveyer. 

the struggle between father and son, that both always forgot how to cry. 

he had read the papers more than anybody else in the country. 

he too, had read a lot. 

Don't be afraid to fall, the world is your light,
rise again and stand tall. 

the right time to eat: for a rich man when he is hungry,
for a poor man when he has something to eat. 

Against the flow. 

always look things in different perspectives.