What a Tiring Weekends

i am so weak i can barely move
i wish i could lay down and do nothing but my head is bursting
my working life had never been this tiring, restless for the past weekends attending workshops
here and there. traveling is the worst part, especially on rubber. it makes me puke.

the superlative of worst, i need to attend another workshop again on this weekend.
my longing for a normal weekend to rest had put on a halt.
my company never know? i too, a normal being that need his weekend to rest and do his laundry

never got a chance for a good tour around Cameron Highland
mostly just gaze over the nature from hotel room, conference room.

before surrender ourselves to the prison,
we had our last tea at the Bharat Tea House, damn good the "teh tarik"!

there, where i was imprisoned for the past 3 days.

i could only gaze upon the beautiful Cameron from my hotel room. 
it's really meaningless, making the workshop at Cameron, while you can't seem to enjoy Cameron?

Panoramic view from my hotel room. Click for larger view. 

i'm glad we took our chances, sneaking out from the prison.
for this 3 minutes beautiful sunset. 
the climate turn warm to cold, bright to dark. 

that's all, only 8 pictures and nothing more. 

and now, i'm exhausted, shivering in cold.
can i just skip this coming workshop? i'm really tired
of working.