Saturday Night Macro 09.04.11

i'd been praying and hunting for my first Harvestman, an ever most magical 8 legs creatures i believe! An answer to my prayers on the Saturday night mystery. It appears 2 times! and i lost it 2 times! damn.

the vibrant Tiger Beetle never fails to impress!

which i think, this is a Huntsman.

very beautiful fangs.

Very beautiful tree spider! The beautiful camouflage colours, came luminousness exposed in light.


the Harvestman's touch, how exquisitely fine! Feels at each thread, lives along the line!
 Harvestman also know as "daddy long legs", but they are not spiders.

Mating Beetles.

Spitting Spider with egg-sack.

An unknown male spider with its little boxer gloves! Elegant!

Crab Spider

another beautiful huntsman! Blended with red petal leaves.
 Live and thrive, the spider runs alive!

Toad might be ugly but to a toad, that's beauty.

Tree Frog. Theories pass, the frog remains.

God in His wisdom made the insect,
and forgot to tell us why.
and Now i understand why.