STOP LYNAS! Say NO to Radioactive Waste

i take for granted that my Government is health-conscious, social responsible. Little did the Kuantan Citizens know, the world largest advanced materials plant, a size of 140 football fields had been approved for construction in early 2008. Knowing that the advanced materials plant will produce radioactive waste but my Government approved the MYR 7 Billions project. No comprehended news report, no details.

Despite the Australian Company- Lynas is gaining MYR 50 Billions a year, Malaysia Government granted them a 12 years tax-free sack. No tax gained and the Kuantan Citizens have to sustain the danger of ticking bomb. Australia had prohibited the contruction of advanced materials plant due to the hazard of radioactive wastage but why Lynas has to come to a country 60 times smaller than Australia, contructing a plant merely 2km away from a fishing village? Why Malaysia Government welcome Lynas with a 12 years tax-free sack? Why Malaysia Government approved a construction site knowing that, it is populated with villagers? Why the Authorities approved the project before reviewing it? Why hasn't the Authorities answer to our questions?

i have no faith in safeguards claimed to have been put in place to ensure that there will not be radio active leakage neither do i believe there will be a proper dispose of the wastage.

i do not want to face a radio active problem at my backyard, i do not want to subject my family to severe health problems.

"STOP LYNAS! SAVE MALAYSIA" peace rally was more than just a demonstration of doubts towards the Governing Bodies but an ideology instill to humanities, that we, as a citizen to the country hold our rights to our own health and information freedom.

"Independence-day celebrations won't have any meaning for us if our children in the long term, suffer, due to exposure to radiation" -Vincent Jiam-

Dear Malaysia, we, Kuantan Citizens, pledge for your help.

"little did the law enforcement officers know, they might have disrupted the peace rally. but we had successfully instill the ideology among humanities."