the love of Macro Photography

i thought i should start a post conveying my love for macro photography.

Personally, i first became interested in macro was at forums... looking through hundred of insect shots, it awed me. Not long after, i purchased my macro lens and attended macro workshop!

i love exploring. Especially the nature! i love how insects seem locking their eyes with the lens and follow it as i move, or otherwise, leap off as i approach. it never occured to me that insects actually watch us humans! Seeing a insect at a high magnification reveal such amazing details under full flash or natural light, it got me addicted. i was then, joined a group of macro enthusiastic photographers, exploring reserved forests, parks, orchard... sometimes, around my neighbourhood, mostly scares off my neighbours. the beauty of macro open my eyes to beauty of something we don't pay attention to, something we see but don't actually give a damn.

Macro then, become my passion.

sharing some of my wimpy shots

One of a recent found of a spider that amazed me so much! the Golden comb-footed spider!

Golden comb-footed spider (family: Theridiidae)

Golden comb-footed spider (family: Theridiidae)


P/s: i won't be able to update my blog as often as before, i have my pledge on Stop Lynas! Save Malaysia mission.