i'm Reds or i die

i am Reds, i was born this way. Cut throught me, shed my blood, it's all Reds.
it's either i'm Reds or i die.

i can't remember how i found the niche for Liverpool, i was born to be a Kopite!

i started watching football in 1998, World Cup! i know David Beckham and Michael Owen! Only!
it wasn't until my dad had finally got our house an Astro, and i'd finally got to watch my first F.A Premier League team. Ever! it was May 2001, UEFA Cup final, Liverpool vs Alaves, 5-4! Owen, Gerrard, Fowler, Babbel, McAllister scored! Adrenaline runs throught my veins whole freaking night! I was jumping up and down, screaming but not in sound, trying so hard to hold my rush! i don't want to wake my parent up, caught me watching football match middle of the night! it was a wonderful season when Liverpool won its Treble!

i was then. Realized. it's either i'm Reds or i die.

Liverpool finally got to Malaysia! Not Singapore, not Thailand but Malaysia! and i'd waited. 10 years for this moment.


Running low on budget, so we make our own Liverpool Scream Board!
"D'agger" "Dangerous DIRT 18" and mine "Sweet Carroll 9"

Undisputedly, Football unites people from all walks of life...

Football unites, Racism divides.

the Legendary Ian Rush.

Don't go Liverpool!

and don't you leave us Sweet Carroll 9, don't become Torres 9.


ps: it's either i'm REDS or i die.