[Deinopidae] Ogre-Faced Spider, Net-Casting Spider

and Sir David Attenborough called it the Gladiator Spider. Not venomous nor particularly large but its face would probably scare your pants off, i know, as it spooks me off at the first encounter. It wasn't quite exactly how i would have imagine it seeing over documentary, it's much more mesmerize!

Kurt was screaming, "ogre-faced? is it the ogre-faced? is it the ogre-faced? is it? did you see it's two big eyes? is it ogre-faced???" "YES! YES! YES! IT'S OGRE FACED! I SAW ITS TWO BIG BIG EYES! YES YES YES!" i screamed! Not sure if you know that i'm a big fans of spiders, i was overwhelmed with excitement seeing that! Live in front of my bare eyes! Not to mention, it climbed on my hand!

It has a large brown hump-like back with the ghost rider face at front. From far, it tends to look like sticks and thus making it so hard to find. Its large eyes are very sensitive to light, every night, an area of membrane that is light sensitive created and destroyed at dawn.

These spiders are unique in the world of arachnid for its special preying method. They made very special web that it spins a casting net that it holds with its 4 front legs and throws at its prey to trap. Each morning it'll consume the casting net if it didn't use.

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P/s: here's a link to the video of how the Ogre-Faced Spider catch its prey.

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