TCxG- the Freedom Clique

Populations are growing, the world is shrinking. but why go camping?

Everyday, cities are expanding borders and infringing on surrounding lands and forests. My government does no good in preserving forests nor public lands. Eventually, the opportunities for memorable camping experiences are getting fewer and farther between. The biggest Rare Earth Plant (Lynas Advance Material Plant) will start operating early next year, despite public objections. FULL Story click here. My government doesn't want to hear our cries anymore, people don't matter to them anymore. This, could be the last of our annual camping clique, as it's merely a distance of 20 kilometers from the Rare Earth Plant.

"the land is so rich, why should we suffer like this?" -pak samad-
 i cried. 

Escaping routines of ordinary life, rejuvenating our soul. Sitting down the campfire, gazing upon the stars, listening to the sound of waves, pacifying our mind. Camping teaches us resilience. It builds courage, it teaches us about our strengths, weaknesses...and for enjoyment of beauty in nature.

For respect the Mother Earth, for she who gives us life.


take nothing but pictures
leave nothing but footprints
kill nothing but time.

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