Vanishing Wet Market / by HeeJW

Especially the youngs, wet markets seem to be facing a bleak future. The haggling of prices, the fishy smell, the slippery wet floor, the jostling crowds, the littered floor of vegetables, all these comprised a wet market. a conventional wet market. It is the heart of heartland, the naked crude culture, irreplaceable and timeless.

Air-conditioned hyper-stores have staggeringly overwhelm wet markets, for its hygiene, comfort, and air-condition! The vanishing wet market means we would be losing something dear to our identity. We are raising a generation further adrift from their roots!!! Such onslaughts of hyper-store, is putting our cultural identity at risk.

The luring of power, prestige and wealth is casting off the young's from their roots.


Cultural identity is such crucial affair
it is not myths of the past or ruins in the jungle
it is something worth respect and protect.