PoAM 2011- "From Discord to Harmony"

In the early days after independence of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu in 1957, the formation of Malaysia in 1963. This nation was seen as a model nation for other developing countries. Blessed with an abundance natural resources, endowed with an educational system noted for academic excellence and avid sportsmanship, we made rapid economic and social progress.

However, along the way our democratic system with good governance began to deteriorate into an increasingly authoritarian regime. Not surprisingly, this has led to increasing political turmoil and public insecurity as well as deteriorating inter-ethnic relations.

The dynamism of Malaysia as a nation-state has been severely impeded by pernicious issues: rampant social injustice, rabid communal polarization, denial of ethnic and cultural diversity. Most damaging of all, the foundation of democracy and civil liberties as enshrined in our Constitution have been systematically undermined.

The independence of judiciary has been compromised through the circumvention of laws to serve the powers that be. The unsustainable exploitation of our rich natural habitat, the denial of the rights of our indigenous people demand our immediate attention. It is timely, appropriate and critical that we review the very fundamentals on which our nation was founded. All Malaysians need to be reminded of their duty, to preserve and to cherish at all times, the dynamism and sanctity of our blessed nationhood.

PoAM (Plan of Action for Malaysia) is a coalition of NGOs, united and committed to the goal of addressing the critical issues and challenges facing 21st century Malaysia. To remind Malaysians of the country's unique history, diversity. All Malaysians ought to take ownership, to realize the full potential of the country as a bountiful and blessed nation.

(source: PoAM)


Stopping Lynas is deem as a movement towards the celebration of human spirit, in expressing our constitutional rights as rightful citizen of a nation moving forward onto the ideal of an inclusive nation that is founded on justice, fairness and peace.

Malaysians, it is time for you to stand up, speak up,
you're ought to take ownership
 together, we build a better Malaysia.