Nikon R1 Macro Flash System

Here's my humble review on the Nikon R1 Wireless Close-Up Speedlight System.

My setup:
Nikon D700 + Kenko Extension Tubes 68mm + Tamron SP90 + R1 + DIY Diffuser

Macro photography is very much about light diffusion, rarely see decent diffused light on macro shot using default snap-on diffuser, i tried, it was too harsh for macro works and the light was badly diffused. With some guidelines from Kurt, OrionMystery, i  manage to make myself a concave diffuser like this, 3 layers of different semi-transparent materials, make sure the bottom layer hard enough to slip up: i had my R1 on Manual power instead of i-TTL.

Couple sessions of light test, light diffused nicely but some noticeable light spills. (on the far left eye)

So i add-on 2 piece of papers like this, tested, it worked like a charm.

Been shooting in this setup for couple of weeks, i noticed 2 major problem with R1.

1. Over-sized attachment ring- often i have to work on an awkward position to get an eye level with bugs, especially when it was on a tree trunk, it will never level with an insect eye level. Very very disappointed with the ring design. Nikon should has designed the ring like Canon's MT-24EX Twins. Cut of bottom part of the ring.

2. Focusing light/Target light only auto-triggered with SU-800. If you're using your built in flash as a commander, you have to press the focusing/ target light button on the R1 (SB-R200), TWO TIMES! and every time when you want to take a shot, make that and multiply everything with TWO!!! I think these R1C1 stuffs are not designed by a macro photographer.

here's some sample shots taken with the posted setup, enjoy.



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