The Core Vocation?

It has been an unproductive year of blogging for me, i used to blog at least once a week back in 2011. Now, i blog merely once a month. i wish making decisions would have been easier then, i'm ought to weight between work and hobby. Real life work had gotten intense, i have much less time writing, reading nor posting threads in forums. But then above all, i still manage to do macro often, streets sometimes, travel once in a while. Beginnings are hard, the transitions even more so, my job rotation in January, the immense work loads.

I'm always keen to share my foundations of vision, passion and perspective. i always wanted to make the photography notion my core vocation. Every single time when i travel, there is always an urge to quit my day job. This certain important things, a solid sense of calling: a passion for creating images and telling the stories of foreign cultures or documenting the life in the undergrowth through macro photography. It has always been a delusion, to make this notion a livings. i tend to keep this passion as my hobby, it just not yet my true calling. Someday it will, i reckon.

Always feel free to check out my crafts here.
Macro Photography- i Stole this from the Nature
Street Photography- i Stole this from the Street
Travel Photography- from the Blogs


Sharing some of my crafts, Reptiles and Amphibians.

Juvenile White Lipped Frog (Hylarana Labialis)

Juvenile White Lipped Frog (Hylarana Labialis)

Common Tree Frog, Four-lined Tree Frog, or Striped Tree Frog (Polypedates Leucomystax)

Earless Agamid (Aphaniotis Fusca)

Juvenile angle head lizard (Gonocephalus Grandis)

Adult Female Angle Head Lizard (Gonocephalus Grands)

Giant River Frog (Limnonectes Blythii)

Marbled Bent Toed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus Quadrivirgatus)

Thanks for reading, I'll keep writing.