Green Walk Day 5 & Day 6

"if you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don't even start. There is no other feeling like that. You will be alone with the gods, and the nights will flame with fire. You will ride life straight to perfect laughter. It's the only good fight there is." -Charles Bukowski- 

Green Walk had marked their half journey accomplishment during the crossing of Temerloh Bridge on Day 5 (17.11.2012). Day 6, marched on from Mentakab to Lanchang. Today, onto their 7th Day of asceticism, a 22km walk from Lanchang to Karak; i am ashamed for not being able to join, and i rest on alternate days, i am ashamed of no promising numbers of young adults my age participate or help the walk; i am ashamed that i'd left the ascetic responsibility to uncles, aunties of 50 year-old to 72 year-old walking 300km, fighting for our rights, our future.

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Along the way, Green Walk received a lot of supports from the kind hearted. There are medical doctors traveled all the way from KL and Kuantan putting their medical license at stake. One particular Chinese Medical Doctor, Yong attended Kg. Awah middle of the night. "i don't no money, no car, no house, what left of me is medical knowledge." he said.

There are restaurants being warned off offering foods to Green Walk participants, risking their operation license, they went all the way, giving shelter, foods, drinks and then they "green walked". There are people donating coconuts, ice-creams, socks, chicken essence......

to be able to inspire does keep the morale high.

Green Route

One of the beautiful handcrafts of the Murum's Penan, Rattan backpack.

She tried to balance herself on the morning stretch but she kept falling, look how amused Aunty Mei is!

Sami Sifu warming up for another day of long stretch, Kg Awah to Mentakab. 26km.

It isn't easy for the participants to walk through 110km for the past 4 days, Himpunan Hijau Wong Tack pulled his hamstring on yesterday 30km stretch, he keeps his chin up and laugh. 

The Penan's favorite snack, Betel Nut! (Pinang)

The 9 year-old Gabrielle and Evelyn, although they didn't manage to finish the walk but they keep cheering for everyone!

the profound numerous prizes and awards winner, Film Director Tan Chui Mui came all the way from Beijing to join Green Walk, pass on her support to Change!

The Green Walk ascetic participants, risking their life crossing borders on federal road. For the one single reason, Change!

Change! for the freedom of clean air, freedom from pollution, freedom to fight for their rights

The Penan's Photographer.

Getting ready to cross Temerloh bridge, which also commemorating the half journey of ascetic Green Walk.

Green walk participants are thrill with their half journey accomplishment!

Green Walk receiving more and more support on each crossing borders, we were offered foods, drinks, coconut, fruits and ice-cream! Undoubtedly, a tremendous morale boost for them.

It rains again when the participants nearing 2km to Mentakab town, but it didn't stop them go marching in!

This gentlemen from Seremban has been hula-hooping for the whole journey from Kg. Awah to Mentakab, and the rain didn't stop him at all!

"Like the spring rains water the earth, drench with soaking joy of life, embrace its nourishing roots. -空理法师-

Didn't manage to walk on Day 6, from Mentakab to Lanchang, but manage to stop by and cheer for them. 
Picnic with the Penan.

Ban Cyanide! Green Walk Day 6, Mentakab to Lanchang, 22km, 33.8°C

Green Walk Day 6, Mentakab to Lanchang, 22km, 33.8°C! No sweat for the Pretty Young Thing in superman pants! 

Green Walk Day 6, Mentakab to Lanchang, 22km, 33.8°C
"if the adults decided not to fight for this war, we have to stand up for ourselves, it is our future at stake afterall."

Take nothing but to instill Stand Up Speak Up ideology, leave nothing but the footprint to inspire every crossing borders. Green Walking people!

“Sacrifice is a part of life. It's supposed to be. It's not something to regret. It's something to aspire to.” 
-Mitch Albom-