Hasselblad 500C

You don't see when you use film, you feel. The beauty of its depth, contrast, color rendition and the factor of unpredictability. I'm now back to the darkroom junkie, soak, bath, fix, wash and the digital scanning; love then hate!

Like many objects of passionate devotion, the Hasselblad is both physical ornament and mythical marking. Once the technical gear of sterling quality and a facilitator of ritual engagement to the world. My inauguration of Hasselblad 500C came in mid 2012, I'd finally save enough. Months of near constant loitering through the capitals of Southeast Asia, had their mark onto the finer grain structure of Kodak Portra, it was pure joy. This is the second time, i'm putting a halt onto Digital Photography, only this time, i didn't ditch my Digital gears.

I just wanted to slow down and think, the merciless simplicity of Hasselblad answered that call.


A Hasselblad of Love.