Election Campaign with Prime Lens

Not all lenses built the same, expansion of innovations abound from prime, zoom to tele lenses. Navigating through this vast choices of options, this is bewilder. I am honored and grateful that I have a chance to cover an election campaign for a state assembly candidate, carry along 2 prime lenses. Simply because I know what I want, honest and disciplined, I want Bokehlicious, it is often trade off with decisions. Likewise, a large aperture zoom lens is extremely costly, prime lens comes relatively cheaper and usually offers larger aperture.

Election campaign is always emotional no matter who you're backing. You won't want to miss the decisive moment, triumph and emotional cheers. Technically and intellectually sophisticated to cover the horse race competently, this is history in the making. I know my frame, I'd shot long enough with prime lens knowing my position and familiar with my frame, the rest of the mystery just leave it all to fate.

If you wish to do this with prime lens, you should know what you're getting yourself into. A compromise need not to be a hard decision, marginally-tact-sharp-light-less expensive-discipline-bokehlicious over a zoom lens which serve well in covering 90% of the situations.

Time for you to pick up the bat and see what it's like to take a swing.

++ 98% of the shots covered with Nikon D700 + Nikkor 50mm f1.2, marginally on Nikkor 20mm f2.8 ++

Candidate for State Legislative Assembly (DUN Semambu), Lee Chean Chung

A grueling campaign runs for 4 months consistently in caring people
A daily morning routine, distributing newspaper and candidate's manifesto at traffic light.

No newspaper adverts, TV commercial, radio air time, but genuine care. 

Distributing newspaper and candidate's manifesto at mosque after Friday prayer.

Convoy for campaign awareness.

Delivering speech from a pick up truck. 

Thumb up for the candidate! 

Visiting poverty-stricken area. 

Strive to end poverty and injustice. 

Candidate delivering speech of awakening. 

Election day, candidate running all 55 voting channels wishing voters, "Happy Voting!" 

Stepping out from the last voting channel.

An emotional election night for the candidate and steering committee. 

Candidate roars in a rousing speech during a debate session with national front parties. 

At times, our light goes out and rekindled by a spark from a person
brightest day or darkest night, he lighted up the flame of many people. 

My last bid of crusade for General Election, a grueling fight nonetheless
Congratulation to YB Lee Chean Chung, it was a great honor working with you.