Weekend Getaway- Batu Caves

Weekend Getaway to Batu Caves, Lord Murungan Temple. it wasn't a overnight trip like my usual weekend getaways, just a short one. heck! and i'm finally got to Batu Caves ever since my primary school trip! as told in legends, myths, locals... the temple is inevitably...always filled with homeless pigeon, i mean sacred pigeons, and it won't shit on your head! *promise*!
young faithful devotee flinging seeds of hope potently.
close up and personal with the God of war. Lord Murungan.
after a tramp on 272 steep staircases, you'll see a smaller version of Lord Murungan welcoming you
devotees already started their prayer when i got up... and it was packed with tourists! and these innocent tourists almost ruin my shot! but they did apologize eventually unlike the previous f*ck*ng Ch*ne*e that collided hard on my tripod then pretend as if nothing happen and bitch away.
and the temple people are absolutely friendly and photogenic! at least not camera shy like those f*ck*ng Ch*n*s* i met couple months back... ...Mr. Ramal from South India had a chatter with him, he'd served in the temple for the past 20 years, almost devoted half of his life time to the God. humbled.
this Hindu Priest chanting Gayatri Mantras and welcome my call to the temple, also offered me a butter candle, flowers and chanting on mantra. Blessed!
faithful follower from Far India
meet the temple guardian.
faithful Hindus performing their prayers.
and somebody got piss off with the Canon, it was shed off in the temple. nobody even bother to pick it up and bring it home... and don't believe in Canon printer too...
the storekeeper in the temple... i bought 100 plus from him, seeing i was carrying so many gears. he opens up the drink and put in a straw for me...and it saved my life.
this lady kneeled all the way up to the temple while chanting. salute!
beside faithful devotees, be prepare to encounter with some wilderness too! the monkeys! look at the little monkey, Ananab! as i was told. that's his name. Ananab.
"Damn it! who put nuts in my Nasi Lemak? don't you know i'm allergic to nuts?!"
the Lord of all monkeys, the Monkey God, Lord Hanuman. look closely at the Lord's heart, engraved the Lord Rama and Sita.
there's a few temples at Batu Caves, wasn't sure what's the purposes for each but here's some devotees from the Monkey God Temple
resting and enjoying his time at the temple.
the Batu Caves. Recommended for climbing... and phalling.
oh yeah. i checked the weather forecast a day ahead, said, thunder storms in the morning. hmm... ...thunder. storm.? but thankfully it wasn't! else, i'll be back home empty handed.

BATU CAVES. definitely worth visit for the weekend!
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well you have to come back with some formal old school postcard alike shot aren't you. it was a vertical panorama shots in fact, 5 photo-merged.
FYI. Batu Caves' Lord Murungan Statue is still the world tallest since 2006.