the Future is Analog

analog is awesome! frankly, i got sick of how advance had the digital brought to us sometimes, ironically; it brought perfection and lack of anticipation to our life. wasn't that our life is filled with imperfection and anticipation?

and here's some updates on what'd i had for the past March &'d been fruitful.

Cs started his new days of working, met him for lunch and we talked thru one's hat.
and damn the MU fans came along... ... and talk turd as if A. Fergie.
never has his eyes off the palm, an anti-social Deutshbag.
also... the beutiful Ms.T
we had the lunch at some Noodle House...not a bad place at all =) foods were pretty darn good too.

and terry came along for the Energizer Night Race, brought him for dimsum...

the battle of Analog vs Digital!
little girl, glimpses away meditatively
got to Batu Caves for some photoshot...

this's my lovely rented house. and i'm looking for housemate...*sniff*
this is Nyakyusa, he's ain't no ordinary lamp pole outside my crib. he never light but only one special night... the night i moved in.

Cheers for world analog day!