Recent Macro Works

it'd been awhile since i'd update my macro works. well, don't get me wrong, i'm still shooting macro at least twice a week! sharing some of my recent macro shots...

Spider Wasp. yes, of course! it's a spider-hunter. it paralyze the spider with a venomous stinger!
a white spider. not exactly the legendary snow white spider but it'll come. soon.
a small caterpillar... was hoping to find some colorful kind but tough luck. are caterpillars just getting lesser or it just me? i remembering blasting these buggers when i was young and naive. Everyday!
and this lizard thought it can hide it from me. nice try!
a black praying mantis, wasn't a good shot, but it's black! and it's a praying mantis!
and these sesame just grows on leaf...
Spider on Prey. and two little flies claiming their shares too...
Black ant head shot. *CLAM CLAM*
a cricket! my first cricket!
and these are fresh from oven. just took it this evening...i'm not sure what's this yet. mosquitoes?
bugs were hiding from the evening rain. hardly can get any good bugs around. pretty sad. i was thinking about dews on bug...but damn.
OhHhhhh yeah! dews on bug! but too bad can't really focus well on the bug.
male mosquitoes...
an eye catching Blue was shining amongst the green leaves! gorgeous!
it'd been raining almost every evening right now, sometimes downpour is too strong and it obstructs my routine. but i love the chilling nights =)

CHEERS! take care!

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