Thomas Cup 2010- China VS Korea

10 years aside, and Thomas Cup is finally hosted in Malaysia! i'd never forgive myself if i miss the show! and how i wish i could have just got to Final instead but there's something wrong with the TicketPro system and it won't even pass my payment after 6 trials!

bought my ticket a day ahead, and collected at the counter, ironically, after so many shows organized by TicketPro, they still can't do it right! it was suppose to have a few buying counters and one collection counter but TicketPro make the collection counter as buying counter even i'd made my payment a day in advance! simply i just need to drop off my reference details and get my ticket but i have to queue for half an hour! waiting for people buying ticket on the spot choosing their seats! GOD! that's freaking ridiculous!
luckily the game didn't start yet when i got to my seat! and Lin Dan is shuffling shutter with Park!!! and i'm glad i came! the feeling for being there live is absolutely affecting!
and then, the first game of China Vs Korea sparks on! Lin Dan vs Park Sung Hwan
Lin Dan coaches meditating...
the magnificent Umpire!
the Net-Knitters... every racket net only consume once; take off; new net!
the game dwells on.
 the first set sums up with Lin Dan victory... 21-18
Lin Dan's secret weapon. Little Powder.
 the Official. watches in profound solemn
after a smashing rally! Lin Dan won the match eventually 25-23! and Park had played well.
after a short break, the playoff goes on with the doubles.
Fu Hai Feng, partners with Cai Yun, currently world ranking no.8
meanwhile, Russian beauty was battling Japanese in Uber Cup...

back to the game. here's some Korea Crowds, screaming their heart out for their national team. good spirit!
tough day? you're on candid...
the Korean pairs Jung Jae Sung and Lee Yong Dae has no match against Chinese pairs, despite ranked as second on the BWF ranking.
updates live result from another courts.
the playoff goes on with second single, Chen Jin, currently world no. 3 against Korean Shon Wan Ho
i left before the game finishes. Chen Jin won the game.
definitely worthwhile watching a live Thomas Cup once in your life!

out at the stadium.
Proton has display some nice car outside Stadium Putra, but what's the point when i can't test drive?

Good Luck for Malaysia Team, please at least get to the Final as a host.
the instruction map in Bukit Jalil suck to the max, consult this in case you're going for Thomas Cup.
Cheers for Thomas Cup, the most prestigious badminton game in History!

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