Weekend Getaway- Sekinchan

Sekinchan. a town i'd heard so much about it! and i'm finally making my jaunt! with major help from GPS, i made my way easily. it's 105km away from Seri Kembangan, it's darn far but worth going! also, you can always follow the road sign, go towards Klang -> Kapar -> Kuala Selangor -> Tanjung Karang (Sekinchan)... it took me 2 hours. Don't worry, sign boards are clear. Once arriving Tg. Karang, take a look at your right, paddy fields are bosomed behind those barren houses.
the air is so fresh, sunny but windy. taking the deep breath, as though the air is filled with paddy rice.
a stroll amongst paddy field, i stopped. Reckoned. "Wow. this is my culture? it's amazing!"
June- July is one of their harvest season of the year, with help from some friends. i got there right on time! they were harvesting the paddy... and i'm glad Farmers in Sekinchan are so friendly!
welcoming our visit! these 4 farmers drove their paddy harvester from far coming upon us... absolutely not camera shy =)
and the sky is so wonderful at the out-skirt.
to be honest. this is the first time in my life i was so close to paddy field! and took a bite at fresh harvest raw paddy!
it feels great lying down on the fluffy paddy bed looking upon the dark blue sky... also it's a super-duper king size! you can roll as far as you can without falling from bed...
Travel along. NicoBella with the team... such a great comrades over the 2 years.
of course. what's the point if i'm didn't show you how i hover-ed on camera =) HYPED!
the paddy fields are so darn huge and massive, highly recommended do not hang around walking! take a hitch on farmers' bike or drive! while i drove around, and met some local farmers who enjoying their day resting beneath the tree's shadow. enjoying its' shade.
paddy awaiting its' time to be harvest and contribute its' life to mankind.
but here's something i would have to against these local farmers, which i believe they had open burning? correct me if i'm wrong.
the water system at Sekinchan...
meanwhile, let me present to you. Bobb, he's a genuine Holland supporter for this year world cup. he'd spoken his mind, Holland will win the world cup, which is something we had in common.
my stomach is calling, and that sums up my call to Sekinchan. Definitely worth revisit!

Travel Tips:
what i'm going to do for revisit? i'll go in the afternoon, check in HomeStay Sg. Sireh, stay for the evening for sunset at Sekinchan, have the sun cooks up the paddy fields into gold color and sparks on my face. then head towards Kuala Selangor, which is merely 12km away for seafood and fireflies... spending the night at homestay, woke up early for next morning catch the twilight, help up at the paddy field =)

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