Hello Sunday Macro!

Happy Sunday Macro! It was a rewarding Sunday Morning macro with some rare bugs and finally! I'd accomplished my inflight bug!!! Giggity goo! This weekend had been restless, with merely 8 hours of sleep for the past 2 days, it was nuts, wild, Insane!

Very good camouflage little bugger! If you look closely, it almost as if fallen flower, white blueish flower. Can you spot its eye? (ID Update on 26th Oct) Mealybug Destroyer. An insect predator, larvae stage.

Long Legged fly

Golden Tortoise Beetle! It is always stunning, vibrant with metallic gold! Brilliantly, this little genius can alter its color in short period of time, from Bright gold to dull color. How it controls the color changes is still an intriguing question.

Female Giraffe Weevil! Geewee~

Big Lynx with prey.

that's one small step for mankind, a giant leap for an ant.

Golden Robber fly! with little humpback.

Very nice caterpillar!

Wolf Spiders are always found with morning dews on their web, are they collecting the dews to attract prey? hmm.

Unknown spider identity. (ID Update 27 Oct) Orb-Web Spider, Spotted Orbweaver

Found of the day! Long-Horn Beetle. the long antennae are almost as long as its body length! It was reported as maximum length of 16cm of this babe! Awesome!
check out those golden sparkles all over the reddish exoskeleton! Credited to Nick who found it and Master Kurt who caught it with his barehand!
This gorgeous was too big for MPE user, so Kurt borrowed my Tammy for the full body shot! DAMN NICE! Look at the composition! Jeez Kurt! Thumbs up for you!

Lastly, a little accomplishment of mine. Hoverfly in flight! =)
Extremely fascinating Creature!

thanks for looking. Cheers! Gonna put an end to this mess of my room!