JW Summertime Solstice

Yes! It was eventual. I'd finally realized my first ever fashion shoot on my own! It was a mind boggling shooting! I couldn't be anymore grateful to 2 of my models, designer, stylist... for enduring all the sweats and for being so much patience when I was trying to figure out my shoots. I reckon it was terrible, everything was messed up. Also, a special thanks to a wonderful friend, Heng who gave me lights, picking up all my mess and shades my models from cruel sun heat! For being on location earlier than everyone else to setup all the lights and stands for me, it was awesome of what you did my friend!

Sincerely thankful for everyone's help.

It was a first fashion shoot on my own, some shots failed and turned out to be so much of a portrait than fashion shoot, although both often distinguish by such thin line. Some of the shoots did turn out as what i expected! I had too many ideas gushing out, and mostly i can't really handle the ideas. Well, one thing i learnt, i'm seriously need to be more picky on the ideas and themes of my shoots. So much inconsistency! Especially on group shot, it was 10 in the morning, the sun was too harsh!

Try to enjoy my wimpy shots.


2 Really gorgeous friends! and my awesome assistant! "Let there be light" the Lord said.