Night Macro@ Tmn Rimba Kiara

Been macro-MIA for a while now, and i'm back on track! Full Throttle!
Was trying to work on water striders, it's really hard. they're hopping on the big pond and my 1:1 Macro is far cry! Sadly couldn't get it all in focus, it was a bad position!
Strider hopped away! Out of my reach...=(
my first ant mimicry crab spider! Hovering in style.
Robber Fly. Aggressive hunter! It catches its prey with those masculine legs, then pierces thru the prey with its  needle like tongue, inject with paralyzing saliva and suck out its prey... Enough of bullcrap. Long Story short, there was no Robber fly with prey that night.
Two loving Beetles... i think i have to work on my diffuser again, it always overblown capturing Black or White bugs...=(
a huge troops of Wasp! and one of these, stung on my hand! the pain was like Needle pierced thru your skin x10. It is that painful! and it's swollen now!
Huntsman doing push up...getting those arms strong enough to carry Durian!
it wasn't that much of bugs that night, Night macro ends earlier than expected. Hope we'll get a better one next round!

Cheers! +
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