the Leap

I'd been deceiving myself  in my own comfort zone for too long. I started photography with Landscape, because I can take as much times as I wanted to compose but don't give a damn for Landscape's feeling. It feels comfortable without human interaction, especially strangers. Then I moved on to Macro a year later, but, it was still within my comfort zone. I still don't have to interact with my subjects! Beside my Macro Buddies. but It was all self deception. WIMP! If you had seem my Batu Caves' shots earlier this year, that's the only time I accidentally stepped out of my comfort boundaries. I talked to Strangers, asked for pictures.

Until recently, I decided to make a step out of my comfort zone, indebted to a friend! Earnestly thanks to her! Ms. Matilda L. My first time is damn weak! I hate it in fact. All pieces of bullcrap. So I'd decided to walk further out of my comfort zone, and making another shoot in coming week. With shots I NEVER done before!!! Ideas are all flowing in my head, the styles, the themes, poses! But the reality is cruel, images playing in my mind could be so much differ from the outcome. So, let wait and see, then we laugh at my shots =)

Been searching for Meadows for the shots and it failed miserably, been praying for Sunlight, it rained on my parade. I don't pray often because God had gave me all I ever wanted, I just couldn't ask for more. But now, I pray to the merciful Sun Gods, Apollo, Helios, for a merciful Sunlight upon my parade.

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