Parade of a Wimpy Street Records- KL Downtown

Whenever I ask people what's their dreams or sort, "Traveling!" is always on top of the list. I believe, few people make it. Of course, Traveling is my dream too, especially backpacking! I made it once this year, but it was nothing close to backpacking so I'm planning another one next year! Backpacking! For real! Don't frown!

So, before embarking on my Backpacking dream, I practice a little at KL Downtown. It was a perfect place to sharpen my senses and acquire the knowledge to protect my gears. 

"Should i just trade these coins wit USD, it's so cheap right now."

Foods and Shelters; it's all needs.

"i build the future."

i hate Manure but i love the KOP

"Don't Shoot! You terrorist!"

Go green with the Classic 

Idle : Work



the Auspicious

the Unfortunate

Loosen Up


if You call that bad luck? You're ignorance! 


"I wish I was driving that."