i Lomographed my life.

holding still with the 10 golden rules of Lomography!!! i tried.

1. Take my camera everywhere i go.
Frankly, i didn't. i left it at home when i went Ozzie, Krabi, S'pore. Damn. and i don't even know who the hell is Frank? i'd been using him as my adverb!!! gee! i'll bring it every so often now even if i don't shoot, it's like my fashion accessory now!

i brought it to Gambang WaterFront park! Water City park? Desa Park? whatever.

2. Use it! Day and Night!!! 
hell yeah! i use it anytime!!! but mostly day time, because i love the sun, especially when it comes shine and flare upon my lens...love it! the Sun'll come out tomorrow!!!

3. Lomography is not an interference in life, but part of it. 
Agree!! *like like* see it follows me to Window shopping! =D

4. Try the shot from hip. (Or aerial view!)
i did! but it doesn't look like hip shot! more likely knee shot!!! i'm so short freak! So i tried shooting from top down, so people will thought i'm so freakishly tall! xP

5. Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible! 
be Berry-the-close! i'll make it close enough to out focus next time! promise!

6. Don't think! Just shoot! 
i don't think! i'm retarted freak. i shot with intuition! i shoot the things i like. Sky, Sun...and balloon over the sky! and tree? *frown*

7. Be Fast! 
So fast until i forgot to wind the dial and overexposed!!!

8. You Don't have to know beforehand what you captured on film.
you mean...i close my eyes and shoot? okay! i'll do it on my next roll!!! obviously i did not close my eyes shooting this, but i did shut 1 eye though.

9. Afterwards either. 
you'll never completely understand the world, but you'll understand your lomo ever less!!! Shite!

10. Don't worry about rules! 
yeah! shoot first then get beaten later...=)

Duh' i'm not a terrorist! i'm just lomographing my life.
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