Krabi - the Soul Searching Journey

i always wanted to be a journalist, ever since high school. i know the fact that i'd end up poor and miserable that i can't write well! i, had kept this to myself because my peers are all pursuing degree in bio, business, engineering. etc. i was terrified. so i took a scholarship doing something i don't really like. i was afraid to pursue my dream, taking journalism was a move that filled with fears and terrors. i pissed in my pants middle of the night thinking about it.

So i started a blog. so people won't judge about how poor my language is in front of me (mostly just bad talks behind my back), unlike journalism. they fuck you right in your face! Very the scary!

there's too many decisions i have to make ever since i turn 21, even more, some i just can't cope and decided to runaway. (babe, i'm sorry for being so selfish). and Krabi trip just bump-ed in at the right time to search my lost soul and clear my head.

My first for real! Really! Solo backpacking! It was a freestyle, didn't really did much research on Krabi before i go, sorry. no postcard and trademark-like pictures from Krabi.

without much expectation, Krabi is way more better than i thought! the public transport is so freaking convenient (50-200 Baht for transport)! unusual friendly people! outstanding landscape, seascape! surprisingly cheap accommodation (150-200 Baht for backpacker)! Most novelty! most of them don't really speak English well, and i love it! their culture is so contagious. For once, i realized i'm at somewhere new.

first thing got out of the airport, i head straight to Ao Nang Beach and spent a night there.

cute little 14 months Swedish babe, pouting and hitting on me! hey!

Dine-in Echo Bar & Restaurant, mainly because of the musical show! =) *grin*

on the next day, i took a tuk-tuk (300 Baht) to Susan Hoi that i'd heard so much about from the locals.

that's my driver =) Very helpful !!! Explaining the history of Krabi during our way from Ao Nang to Susan Hoi.

took a fast meal, check out and head to the Krabi Town with Bus (it was actually a pick-up truck) (50 Baht).

Was wandering around the Krabi Town, then i bumped into a wet market!!! JACKPOT!!! woah~

while checking out at the Krabi River, a boatman came asking if i want to go for a boat trip to Cave and Fishing Village. *why the hell not?*

enough of exploring! i didn't have a place to crash yet! and it already nightfall. *so cool*

Maharaj Night Market

Padthai. i heart it a lot! major! it's damn good!

loitering the town middle of the night wasn't any issue at all, at least for me! =) it feels safe, comfortable walking alone at night.

owh yeah! that night, i crashed at Sweet Berry's Chamber (200 Baht/ night)

Checking out the town in early morning, i guess i'd been walking for 3 hours until i decided to head back to Ao Nang Beach to start my Book.

*what? don't look at me like that, you stupid fish! i wasn't responsible for your death!*

thanks for the companion. holy comrades, Jodi Picoult, Penny Tai, Eason Chen.

i took a jungle treks and end up here. i dunno where.

first time in my life, seeing a heart shape cloud.

got back to Krabi Town, checking out the riot!

while i was eating, suddenly everyone stop their foods and standing ovation. for the national anthem! even the cars, bikes, traffics, all halt!

met a lovely couple from Switzerland, they'd traveling along since the 1970's!!! Sharing their backpacking advises, journeys, trivias!

World Vision Fund raising!!!

Mattias, little Viking from Sweden. i met his twice in 1 day! what the hell? let's grab a beer! He was a school teacher years ago back in Sweden, until he'd saved enough, quit his job, Backpacking and scuba diving!

what? i woke up the other day and found this in my camera * i wasn't drunk * Really. just tipsy. the beer was only 35 baht! hehe...

a great English Breakfast sets me off Krabi.

i love the weather! it was 26°C most days in December, little drizzle, moody, definitely a wonderful soul searching journey! it's all so clear now, i know my direction and i'll go for it.

thanks for reading =)

*this had been playing in my head when i was alone in the trip. "别人说的话随便听一听自己做决定。"*