From DSLR to Analogue

i said. it's pretty tough moving backward, especially in technology. no preview button! no delete button! no unlimited memory space! but only a thousand thorns of surprises!!! i'd been shooting for rolls now and gee! light leak! i slide in film rolls in some of my analogue cameras and totally forgot there's still film inside! pluck open! shite! Light leaks the whole damn roll! i seriously need to do some marking now.

but my crafts, still painted with light in slivers of time.


-in the history of creation-
then God said, "Let There be Light"; and there was light.

Light had guide me across with a street photographer who was also sold out all of his DSLR and change to Rangefinder. it gave me a shiver in the morning light! to be frank, when i made that decision, it was blunt. and too many things i have to give up. i was freaked out.

and recent finds had guide me with light.

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