2010 Came to Mind

I'm glad i'd blogged, i was trying to retain some memories from the past 2010, seriously, i don't really remember the exact details. Mild Cognitive Impairment is pretty bad. New year comes in a blink of eye, i left my traces here and there, trying to pick up my slivers of time. My year was painted with light, inspired with faith, there was sadness, craziness, changes, clumsiness. and most i can't stand is backstabbing. Fuck you asshole! so Shut your air hole!


i went Pulau Ketam, yes! it's my dream to visit all of the islands in Malaysia, so far, it's still far fetched. I'm working on it!
it seems i took a knock on my brain, i don't really remember what'd happened, beside seeing some light tunnel. my friend told me i took a knock on the futsal game. yeah right.

TCXG finally took its step out of the comfort zone, we're no longer making camp at hometown! TCXG is big boy now, we took a hike to Gunung Nuang!!! and what happen to BenMoy was EPIC! How  possibly anybody could twist both of his knees on the same day? BenMoy ONLY!

i attended "Let there Be Light" Seminar. my Faith +1.

went Ipoh, visiting no-longer-long-hair Ai Li.

it makes me gone mad for not seeing beach, sand, breeze for so long in Selangor! i got to find a beach! and set for Bagan Lalang.
it was March 2010, i met Kurt, my macro mentor but i hate macro! it's so freaking hard! stupid bugs keep getting away! little did i know, i was hooked and poisoned, and couldn't stop macro ever-since!
my folks came for visit! i brought them around the town and visit the hot air balloon!

i acquired my second analogue camera! genuinely LOMO! it was actually a gift from a friend =)
and i ran my first ever Night Marathon. ( i join the 10km category only. *shuts*)

i found Ampang Lookout Point eventually after so many years! and discovery the Landscape panning accidentally!
finally got to Batu Caves! It was the first time, i included human element in my craft, it was a leap for me, asking people for photographs.

hey look i went F1 without spending a single penny! hehehe
it was nana's birthday on 27th April, and we went Singapore! it's a fresh approach on Street Photography.
 i was looking for this shoe in Malaysia and phailed flat!

i took a leave from work enjoying my Thomas Cup! It was also, my first hand-on exposure on Tilt-Shift lens!
i don't really like fast car, but hey Classical car show on Asian Festival of Speed! How could i miss it?
then i went Malacca for the Champion League finale!

my birthday month but i don't remember how i celebrated it, it wasn't in my blog, i guess i was at home sleep thru the night and day.

i took a train down South for BugFest, my first LOMO field test.

i failed the Sekinchan trip, they're cutting the crops when i got there! well, at least i manage to find Sekinchan!

it's big event month! my first ever self-funded oversea trip! to the Ozadventure i go! it was crazy, fun, touched, bare naked!!! i love Australia only because you guys are there.

got home after the 6 days Ozadventure, i lost my passion to work and hated my life. almost kill myself back there but saved by Inspired+1, Louis Pang handed me a Ticket to WPPI held in Las Vegas! aha! what happen next?!!

it's the first time i tried night macro, i was so freaking worry about the mosquitoes in the jungle but heck, no mosquitoes at all. because all the mosquitoes are having their dinner at residential foodcourt.

i acquired my third analogue camera, it's a medium format studio work horse! Mamiya RB67 Pro-S

nothing much on the September because i was emo with Denggi Fever.

and we had a camp on Early September right before i got Denggi. i brought my D200 and left my CF cards back home. awesome! luckily i brought Mamiya!

i was so lucky to venture into a different field of photography- fashion. 
i joined with 2 other great photographers for a fashion photo-shoot, well i didn't actually did so much on the shooting but talking! because of a different style of photographing so i didn't actually disturb them.

i can't just leave my fashion shot like that! so i made another fashion shot with my own theme and help from the fashion designer, Matilda L.

i gotta admit! October is a great month!!! i also tried a different photography approach on landscape,  Vertical Long Exposure Black & White Minimalist. Okay, i made that up.

the hype hasn't end! i was so crazy about October and i try out street photography!

my model, Laura T. is leaving pursuing a career in Singapore =(
it's MIFA 2010!!! Hey! it's My first event shot on the podium!

!Canon Field Review on Canon Prima 105 Analogue!

i still can't get enough from fashion shots! i need a male model, to do stunts! i tried to look for model but they called me nut-crack for model to pull up falling stunts. so i decided to do it myself, Self-portrayal! it was NOT the actual projection in my mind but everyone told me it's good shots, so polite. i think it's shite.

i tried out a lot of different approaches in photography to get prepare for my solo backpacking trip.
to Krabi i go!

Long exposure Minimalist landscape
Street Photography
 Visual Mass Concept
 first trial on Landscape panning.
Street photography

 Visual Mass effect
 Long exposure landscape
 Landscape panning

the very next day i got back from Krabi, i got my fourth analogue camera! A rangefinder!

"Within the Chronicles' Frame" just in time published before X'mas!

a Crazy X'mas! i meet new friends, the Khoo family invited me for lunch! and i shake hand with Hebe!!! love+!

and i celebrated the BenWahFür day! 

an exciting 2010 for me, i tried different approaches of photography and that was really cool. that's my crafts, painted with light, slivers of time. then, i quit photography on early 2011. It was random but that's me. 

peace out.