Dark Night Macro 09.01.11

My 2011 kicks start with Night Macro! How fun! I'd been seriously missing in action (2 months??) from the M&M group, sorry for the long absence, I'm back now! I don't remember if i'd ever post up my macro secret garden location but i reckon i never, and i'd planned to continue the ritual. For not revealing my macro location, to avoid getting mob! Also, to prevent other acclaimed naturalists vandalize the sacred ground. We leave nothing behind but footprints, believe me, i do see other naturalists leaving behind other stuffs than footprint. One of our M&M members, once left behind his monopod. =)

May be you'd think i'm selfish. i said. Insects and Bugs are not theme park mascots, you don't pay to play with them, we explore new places, discover them and live amongst them. I won't forgive myself seeing other people ruins their home. But if you're interested to join our guild, send in your cover letter for interview! by Master Orionmystery! xP

that night, we vanished into the dark night macrography. Searching for my Harvestman, but i phailed.

Red Eyes Planthopper

it's like holy ground for Spitting Spiders! Abundance of them!

hey Look! My first very-the-spiky-sparkling-exoskeleton black ant! hehe

Weevil! Fungus Weevil?

Despite the failure in search of Harvestmen, i got Tiger Beetle! It's a fascinating creature! I mean look at the colourful exoskeleton!

and TOAD! they have beautiful eyes!

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