29.12.2010, and It's BenWahFür Day!

Oh. Haven't you heard? 29th Dec. it's BenWahFür day! It's a day mandatory for you to do impromptu and random things, and the reward this year, you get public holiday on Friday 31.12.2010. No shit. It's public holiday on 31.12.2010 because of BenWahFür Day!

It's BenWahFür Day mum! Let's go!

On BenWahFür Day, Terrific, Jennifer & Bennifer go on impromptu road trip, rubber tramp to France.

Despite the rainy weather, it doesn't stop them to climb higher towards the thunder clouds because they're nut-cracked people! and it's BenWahFür Day! It's mandatory to be random.

It's so random, they decided to throw a birthday party for Bennifer.

Happy Random Birthday Bennifer! Thanks to BenWahFür Day!

It's a rare moment when Terrific gone mad.

You want some cake?

How 'bout some candy yow?

Overwhelmed with schemozzle, Bennifer is confuse about BenWahFür Day.

so he wants Terrific to lick his fingers.

Terrific does not compute. Anna L. shouldn't be seeing this.

Jennifer decided to put his self-portrayal concept in to group shot. He loves the motion blurriness.

Randomly, Bennifer was drunk, laying on the bed of violet roses.

Jennifer looks so tall and awesome! Shut up you two!

Jennifer thinks it was a wonderful BenWahFür Day! Smashed with surprises and awesomeness! He wishes everyday is BenWahFür Day!

Very the delicious fish! The 3 idiots love it.

Happy Birthday Bennifer!