I'm Weird.

I picked up DSLR when the term D-SLR terrified people. Most of the time, Street photographing had turned me into a terrorist, they would shout! "Don't shoot! You fag!" "I'm figging kill you" and i'm effing panic! I got cursed a lot back then. Nowadays, DSLRs are so much affordable! Everybody is the photographer. It is so common and i got cursed lesser. Thank god!

Due to the bounty DSLR, i turned to analogue camera when film is disparage by them. "You still shoot film? hahaha! Loser!" -whatever.

but so many Analogue photographers right now, and i'm thinking of quitting photographing. Selling my gears gradually, getting a compact camera, second hand Canon S90 will do.

I am weird. creep.

When you turned older, logically. Your social network, your friends will expand accordingly. but mine got lessen. Tend to shrink somehow. I'm sick of social problem, i puked middle of the night thinking about it. So, i make my friends hate me, then i alienate myself from their social group and stay on highly fenced island. That's how i alienated myself and lost friends. Period.

i have issue, Asperger's issue. I chose not to pick up logical social clues, and acted the opposite way. Almost retaliate rebellious.

I'm weird.

*that's me in the picture, being isolated and ignored.*