Bystander of the Indian Streets

i tried to see amongst others, shoot from an audience rather than my own admiration. Capture an image as if without camera, convey my crafts thru what i see, not just anything for the pixel sites. Lingering between the streets, i'm still foraging my way to communicate my crafts, it's darn hard. My shots still incline toward street candid than street photography. Oh crud!

things are hidden from the world until it was photographed. Indian Town is a hidden gem, not only it is cultural, people is friendly too; they talked to you, asking you the place you called home, smile at you and let you photograph them. This lady is a owner of a grocery shop hidden on the Indian Street. 

i love the scent of the fresh flowers amid clusters of city air pollution; i love the way they make those flowers into decent decorations, it makes me feel happy.

the travelers have their periods of ecstasy, this two tourist from India surprised me with their enthusiastic!

Chipped away as best they can at the mysterious block of marble the lives are made of- high tech, low touch world.

it is a wise father that knows his routes, never forget his sons even when checking on other chicks.

the smoker's self-reflection.

without labors' hard physical work, nothing prospers.
"a man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought. There is visible labor and there is invisible labor" -victor hugo-

May i assure you that my running away plan is futile, my feet are cold, and you're holding my shoes.

off to work in two wheel drive.

i sincerely believe photography to be at it's most potent when underscored by truth. To contrive is to control, and my plan, one day i want to be at post- war zone/disaster photographing the truth.