Resurrecting my Wimpy Macro!

hey! It marks my 300th entry! Commemorating my come back. What exactly am i coming back from? It wasn't exactly a "come back" but resurrection of my photography. I sold my camera and gears back in December 2010 and now i'm back with a different body with only 2 lenses, Nikkor 50mm f1.4 and Tamron SP90mm f2.8. I'm still stick to Nikon, I got to admit loving the grip of it, and it would spare my financial crisis for not switching to other brands.

During my 4 months self-discovering journey, i'd redefine my space and concentration.

My wimpy macro started up real slow, i found myself wandering not find anything the whole morning. My hands were shaking, and i need more warm-ups!

Full Frame Kimber has give me more viewing space, bigger and brighter 95% coverage. Awesome!
Here's the spotlight of the day! a Native Drone Fly, eristalinus punctulatus from far, it looks as if a Bumblebee, a bee mimic fly. Fascinating creature with bright yellow-black striped and large strange spotted eyes, it was about a size of 10mm. They hover and make a droning noise like a bee, and hence named drone fly.

i give thanks to the Lord, invoke his name, make known of His deeds; for creating such a rattling beautiful creature, also allow us presenting to the world through macro-photography. Make known the beauty of nature.