Night Macro Revival!

the revival of my Night Macro after one month pending on my Snoot Diffuser. Snoot Diffuser v3.0 was finally put into a comprehended test run at night! The light was good!  :)

Every now and then, i received emails enquire about macro rigs, how i work out on my Night Macro and stuffs. i think i'd never properly ascribed my awesome mentor, Kurt the OrionMystery- Blog, Facebook page. i met Master Kurt a year ago attending his workshop, he, unselfishly sharing his skills, experience and knowledge. i was then, hooked with macro. i am honestly respect his patience, time and efforts in guiding a noob macro beginner like me along the way.

Master Kurt runs his Macro Workshop almost on weekly basis, feel free to drop him a message in Facebook if you're interested to be nurture under his macro wings!

++ Happy Belated Teachers' Day! Master Kurt! ++

Sharing some of my shots on yesterday's Night Macro...

haven't found a confirmed ID for this little bugger yet. the more i look at it, the more it looks like the Grinch- who stole the Christmas!
ID Confirmation: Derbidae (Anotia Bonnetii)

Common Tiger Beetle

Tree Frog, one of the best subject to test my catchlight!

So does the Jumping Spider! Snoot Diffuser v3.0's catchlight looks more natural on smaller objects compare to frog, the catchlight looks really artificial, and i can see my concave diffuser on the frog eye!

Colourful leaf-hopper nymph, it hopped away too soon before i manage to get its face to face shot.

Huntsman Spider- a beneficial spider that feed on insects (mainly Cockroaches! their favorite!). Some of the farmers even relocate Huntsman Spiders to their garden as a guardian rather than killing them. Who needs pest control when you have Huntsman?

House Centipede- one very odd looking creature with 15 pairs of legs. A species that spread to the other parts of the world, where it usually lives in human homes. Yes! Very scary! Faster check under your bed for House Centipede. But hey! Fear not! It is an insectivore that  feed chiefly on insects.

Derbid Planthopper- with one very cool V-Shaped Wings

a Nursery Web Spider?

Orb-Weaver Spider
ID Confirmation from Kurt: Laglaise's Garden Spider (Eriovixia laglaisei)

If all mankind were to disappear, i bet the world would regenerate back into the rich equilibrium with zero pollution; but if the insects were to vanish, the environment would collapse. That's one simple role played by those awesome insects, an environment's biological engineer. Go my insects! Go bite Lynas!