Snoot Diffuser v3.0

is good to go!

i just done making my Snoot Diffuser v2.0 on 11th May. Few days later, i ditch the v2.0, revamp my lighting design work up a new different Snoot Diffuser v3.0. Surprisingly, my v2.0 barely splash out its 3 days life-span. I'm so sorry.

Snoot Diffuser v2.0

Snoot Diffuser v3.0

What happen to Snoot Diffuser v1.0? He's proudly retired. Service no longer needed due to system upgrade, rest in the hall of fame of my Dry Cabinet.

After a couple of tweaks in Snoot Diffuser v3.0, i think it's good to go!

i'll get out a Coke, deep breath, clear my head...
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