Bali- the Sunshine Island

It's a phony. 'twasn't exactly how it sounded like, Bali is not a Sunshine Island through out the year, it has Monsoon season from November to March. But then, Bali is one awesomely special island, it was as though it'd gained its independent from Indonesia. Despite Indonesia being the world most populous Muslim majority country, Bali is home to Hinduism. The culture had been around for ages, and it's so contagious, couple of lifestyle sets apart from other lands, from every aspect of its rich culture, festival, event. Balinese are also, great believer in Karma.

Bali is such distinguish that Balinese use 3 types of Calenders for a year: Western, Saka and Wuku. In Wuku year, it has 35 days a month, 12 months a year, and this 6th of July (western calender), they'll be celebrating the biggest festival of Bali! "Galungan", it symbolizes the victory of Dharma upon Adharma (all evil). Balinese will make special "penjor" fits on the right side entrance to every house, "penjor" is a tall bamboo that Balinese bought specially from the market, the best one could goes up to 100,000Rp. Similar to Christmas, the only different is, Balinese show off their craft at their entrance!

Every Balinese have an altar in their house, and every housing area there's a big temple amidst the neighbourhood, and each temple accompanied with a meeting hall cross road. Every stone wall, every street, every aisle... all clothed with green lungs.

This is Bali.


Like they said, " May Bali's Peace be with you always."
and their smile, warm up the peace of Bali.

i didn't notice any bus around but trucks seem to be a mainstream transportation for the workers.

Balinese pray 3 times a day, 6am, 12pm and 6pm.
They worship their god in myriad of offerings, from Cookies to Paddy.

Kuta's Surfing Beach.

love the way Balinese people appreciate Green Lungs,
believe me, i did saw a signboard saying, "no putting down trees without permission."

More Trees, Less assholes

busy Kuta had got me crazy, it's crowds every where i go. No place for roving!
so i hopped on a shuttle bus (it was a van to be exact) towards the heart of Bali! Ubud i go!

and newspaper guys on the go at traffic light!


off to work!

Rented a motorbike in Ubud for 50,000Rp (24hrs), drove all the way back down South Bali, Uluwatu catching the last light of Bali.

Bali's sky is really amazing! Breath-taking too!
and it took my heart away.

On the very next day,

i rode from Ubud to Tegalalang, and yes, still on my motorbike, it's still valid until evening! Pretty good deal for a 50,000Rp. Unlike Kuta, Ubud is much of a peaceful land, it gave a little more space for me to redefine- my destination. Despite disregarding my itinerary that i'd been working out for so many nights, skipping all the main tourist attractions; i felt like a cowboy on Harley-Davidson! A lone wanderer rides on for a mission of peace!

Absolut Petrol!

This wooden Buddha was found in this position. Humble in soul.

the temple wood craving master, very friendly too!

i'd been wandering around with my bike, i mean the Harley *ahem* and seriously, i don't freaking know where the hell was i! i was in nowhere for good!

the fact that i am officially lost! i stopped at a random small village asking for direction, and they invited me to! Cock-fight! 'twas random! Direction? Cock-fight!

Mount Agung, the highest ground of Bali Island.

Road sign in Bali is awfully bad, i'd been stopping for numerous times asking for direction back to Ubud. Well, it wasn't really that bad. Luckily Balinese love to help!

Travel needs a destination; Roving needs to come to an end.
i was then, eventually ended my wanders got back to Ubud.

MeatBall Noodles! Meat balls were so-so, but the soup, absolutely appealing! blend of spicy and slight sweetness!

My initial plan was to stay in Ubud for 2 days, then hop on another shuttle bus to Besakih.
i just can't leave Ubud, just yet!

Ubud's Morning market, where i met Kenji.

the best Nasi Campur ever!
Balinese are really tourist-friendly! There was a long queue for the nasi campur, it wasn't until 6th or 7th person for our turn. and the Balinese offer me and Kenji the nasi campur first, gosh! that was really great!

Kenji from Japan, thanks to him! i had the best Nasi Campur in Ubud!

Balinese preparing their "penjor" for Galungan.

Nightfall at 630pm

the awesome star dust of Ubud!
Sorry i really can't identify which one is North star! Damn!

Ubud broke of dawn in an awesome sunlight!
Birds are singing, Balinese are smiling.

i remember a Balinese told me about their Stone Sculptures; with soul or no soul he said.
and this Buddha by the roadside, humbly displaying his wonder. it caught my attention, and i can't take my eyes off him.

On the crossroad of dithering,
Counting my steps, march on.
it wasn't only the Peace of Bali i missed,
also, the freedom of roving.

Ubud, Signing off.


Ps: Sorry for not being able to provide travel tips, i believe everyone begs to differ in travel experience. I longed for a travel lifestyle of wandering and roving into raw culture, instead of comfortably. A simple bed and as long as it's not haunted, i'm good. I'll be happy to share if anyone is interested, email me. Cheers!