Walking in the rain!

Rain makes everything better! Fallacy of generalization but that at least for me, i had a secret crush on rain since i was young, i love walking in the rain! Playing football in the rain! Sipping coffee in the rain! Okay, you get the point. I know most people don't usually celebrate rain, especially photographers. You can bitch or moan about it, but why haven't you embrace the rain? Shoot in the rain! It full of surprises!

Photographing in the rain is not easy, and here's some tips that probably won't help you but me: 
1. Get a weather-seal-magnesium-alloy-made camera and shut up!
2. Keep your hood up and walk on.
3. Let your lens and camera get wet, it's okay, wipe it instantly and let those dry-cabinets do their job.
4. Enjoy the gloomy-dreary light.
5. Think in monochrome!
6. Stop chimping and keep your eyes open on interesting subjects.


How splendid we have something in such plentiful supply falling from the sky? Mizzle, drizzle, cats and dogs! Trust me! There's no reason to stop walking just because monsoon has arrived. Walking in the rain! Bold and survive!