Macro with Master Kurt

macro photography is really hard! you'll be lucky enough if someone willing to teach you! and i'm a lucky bastard who get to learn from kurt, a macro maestro. macro! it shapes up images not even bare eyes can see. something magical. and it'd been awhile since  i "wow-ed" at my own shots! WOW! macro is so much fun yet hard, an errant movement could just ruins your shots! it's just depressing. but Kurt would said: "don't worry. it'll come back =)"

here some of my shots.
an ant mimic Spider, and it's missing a leg. 
Robber Fly. it kidnaps your soul. sucks in and excrete out. 
a Spider

Proboscis Fly. or not? 
look at its proboscis! can't really see it, isn't's OOF! shite! 
Blue Dragonfly
Fly, should be the usual house fly.
front shot. 

i like this shot in fact, it's because of the shadow, the ambience light. 
but it's a bad shot. OOF. and under-expose. 

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