travel around the world on my own has always been a dream ever since i got to Uni...On March, i'd been officially working for 6 months now, didn't save at all, i spent ever penny that i got. and I'm proud of it. i can finally afford oversea travel. and 2010 marks my commencement of "Supertramp" voyage.

quit working and start traveling has always incised in my rebellious mind, and "into the wild" had inspired tremendously. and it keeps motivate me to work, cause i need the juice to travel more.

first stop, S'pore in April. Melbourne, Tasmania in July. Krabi in December. 3 oversea trips in a year, not bad for a freshman aite. if you think I'm rich, to be frank I'm not. I'm penniless in my account every month. how did i do it? Mastercard. "delighting you always" sorry Canon i have to use your quote. it's good.

Bagan Lalang Panorama. 6 images stitches. *click for larger view* 

p/s: who knows. i might quit my job and leave my world, following Chris McCandless footsteps.  
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